General Business Terms and Conditions – Denmark

Owing to the UNI Keramik KSK GmbH manufacturing tile products without vacuum and applying historic methods, variations in size as well as foreign-body inclusions and unevenness of the products cannot be avoided. This means that some of the tiles may need to be adapted when being fitted.

We only assume a product guarantee but no guarantee for structural errors.

All indications regarding size are relative so that it is necessary to produce at least one square meter of test area on the construction site. Installing battens before all tiles have arrived at the construction site is deemed to proceed on the installer’s own responsibility. To attain the desired play of colour and to avoid “fields” from forming on the roof, we recommend tiles to be taken from at least 5-6 pallets.

The seller assumes no costs in respect of fault detection, analyses, assigned employees, direct/indirect revenue losses or expenses for lawyers/advisers extending beyond product liability.

The buyer undertakes to examine the merchandise immediately on receipt for possible damage/defects. If this is not done, no claims can be subsequently asserted addressing such damage/defects that would have been avoided had proper examination been carried out without delay in the first place.

In the event of force majeure or actions of the customer being the cause of any delay in delivery, the delivery date shall automatically be extended as required by such circumstances.

All correspondence shall be confidential and may not be passed on to third parties without our written approval.

We retain title of ownership on the supplied merchandise until the purchase price has been paid in full.