Roof tiles

Our range comprises tiles traditionally manufactured using the coal firing process.

The coloration achieved in this ranges from orange-red to dark red and on to blue-black flaming. Roofs in these colours offer an incomparable natural appearance.

On request all roof tiles can also be glazed, engobed or subdued.

The product range encompasses plain tiles in various sizes, thicknesses, cuts and surface structures, pantiles, Spanish tiles and custom tiles on request.

Naturally, the full range of accessories is also offered, including ridge and hip tiles as well as ventilation tiles, hip caps etc.

To match the respective custom-made roof tiles, on request we offer the corresponding clip system, in the form of
tested stainless steel clips (V2A, V4A). Necessary wind calculations can be undertaken on the website of FOS, at, as manufacturer of the stainless steel clips.

For completeness we also offer roofing mortar specially developed for the coal-fired tiles, with fibres, in all required colour shades.