Product Information – Denmark

UNI Keramik KSK GmbH is one of the very few enterprises in Scandinavia specialising in hand-painted or handcrafted coal-fired roofing tiles available in almost every shape and size. Each tile is a unique one-off product and testifies to a century-old craft along with professional know-how nurtured by UNI Keramik KSK GmbH.

One of our fields of expertise centres on the reproduction of old roofing tiles mostly used in the restoration of historic and listed buildings.

Special focus is on classical Danish hollow tiles revealing attractively nuanced play of colour. Monk/nun and crown tiles, subdued shades of blue and glazed roofing tiles likewise feature in our range.

UNI Keramik KSK GmbH tile products are subjected to constant monitoring, are CE-approved and carry a 30-year guarantee. Roofing is always required to be carried out in accordance with TEGEL 36 currently valid. In particular the restoration of old leaning roof structures calls for extreme care to be applied along with expertise and professional handcrafting techniques so as to arrive at perfect results combined with sustainability. UNI Keramik KSK GmbH assumes responsibility solely in respect of the delivered tile products but not for structural engineering defects. Please refer to the information furnished by the Monument Preservation Board on the Restoration of Listed Buildings.

Since our roofing tiles are manufactured observing historic traditions, they may sometimes reveal minor flint content and instances of unevenness which must always be reckoned with. To attain optimum play of colour and to avoid “fields” from forming on the roof, we recommend tiles to be taken from at least 5-6 different pallets.

All indications of size are non-binding, for which reason a test area of at least one square meter should always be produced on the construction site.

It is of vital importance for the tiles to be laid close together so as to produce a snug fit. This applies both to the cladding width and cuts.